Back to Back

A month ago I performed at two events, back to back in one weekend. It was great getting into the swing of things and performing live for the first time this year.

First performance was at Satellite Bar on Friday, a place I had been to before but formally was a Mexican restaurant.

I remember it like it was yesterday; I had performed in the back of the building outside, with grass overgrown, and my bodyguard that night was a biker (long story) who stopped every car on the street just so I could cross…good times. Check it out…I wasn’t kidding about the tall grass.


The whole place was renovated and looked great. With a stage that I had never been on before, and a great crowd in front of me and hanging around the big hole in the wall facing the side of the stage (literally) it was I was in my special place. I really worked the stage, and it felt great to deliver my music to everyone.

The next day, Saturday, I performed at Sawyer Yards Market, where handmade goods are sold by local artists. I had never performed at a market before, but it was nonetheless a great experience.

There was a local 15 year old artist who was sketching me for at least an hour. He observed me like a hawk, and then came up to me with this wonderful charcoal sketch. I was so impressed, and thankful for the gift. I have always valued little things like this…it validates me and my mission with my music.

This wonderful lady who was listening to my whole set decided to purchase my debut EP ‘Heartstrings’. The unique thing about this purchase was what she told me…”I don’t buy CD’s ever. But your music…I love it. So, just know, this is the first CD I’ve bought in 10 years. It’s worth it.”

All in all, it was a great weekend. The sense of community I felt, especially at Sawyer Markets was unfamiliar to me; everyone who is close to me knows that I’ve always been a lone wolf. But the moment I’m performing for people…I feel that community. When I see people smile, cry, shake or reflect as they listen….It’s the message in the music I play that connects everyone. Not in handshakes or knowing names…but in spiritual enlightenment. It’s internal, something I can’t see, and that is what makes it so special.

I live for that moment I perform. Because in that moment, I’m part of something deeper.

I belong.

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This back to back was a great experience for me…and it’s happening again! I’m performing at two festivals: “For The Community 13” on Friday and “The Woodlands Family Fun Fest” on Saturday, same weekend! For more details check out Live Dates.

Thanks for reading. Until next time <3